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Employment Law & Workplace Relations.

Our lawyers are experienced advocates in the area of employment law and workplace relations.

At Horizon Legal we know that employment contracts are complicated and poorly drafted contracts could potential leave you exposed to unnecessary dispute and costly litigation.

For employers, Horizon Legal can advise on and draw up customised employment contracts to ensure legislative compliance and to accurately reflect the employment relationship.
In the unfortunate event you need to downsize your workforce our lawyers can advise on the redundancy.

For employees, we advise on the substance and meaning of employment contracts to ensure you understand your rights, limitations and obligations under your employment contract.

If you’ve been dismissed and you have concerns your dismissal was unfair or unlawful, contact our lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances as there are strict time restrictions to take action for an unfair dismissal or unlawful termination claim.

If you have recently been made redundant or been let go and you have concerns you have not received your full entitlements, it would be prudent to seek legal advice about making a claim for unpaid entitlements.

Unfair Dismissal

unfair-dismissal-perthIf you think your dismissal is unfair, speak to our lawyers as soon as possible as strict time frames apply if you want to make an application for unfair dismissal. Depending on whether you are employed under the state system or the national system will depend on the time-frame.

Some employees are employed under the state system and others under the national system. Each system has its own laws and each has its own industrial commission or tribunal. If you are unsure which system you are employed under, please contact us.

Employment Contracts

Employment ContractsAn employment contract is an agreement between the employer and employee that specifies the obligations and the rights between the two parties during the term of employment.

All employers need to know that every contract must have certain legal minimums and that if these obligations are not met then it could result in a claim for unfair dismissal. Protect your business and reputation by making sure that your contracts for employment are legally correct.

Workplace Disputes

Workplace DisputesWorkplace disputes are stressful for everyone involved and take a moral and financial strain on the business.

Bullying, harassment, discrimination are common forms of workplace disputes.

If you need help navigating a workplace dispute and require an experienced advocate to ensure your rights are protected, please contact us.